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The process of transferring a high-quality photograph to aluminum is done by a process of sublimation, in which the image is transferred into and not simply onto, the receiving metal, coated with a specific polymer. This becomes possible when a special dye is converted directly from a solid to a gas, never transitioning into the liquid phase. The result is an image that is part of the metal, and therefore takes on a deeper luminescence, in which the piece almost appears to be backlit. This process also gives added durability to the concept of printing on metal. Previously, any medium printed on metal was UV sensitive. With this modern process of sublimation on aluminum, the resulting piece is UV protected. Each piece is as intricately detailed as the original, and is given added depth and luster by the quality of the medium into which it has been transferred. 
All of our sublimations are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 16"x16" to 48"x96". Please call to discuss specific sizing and pricing options (307) 733-7530.
Turpin Gallery offers all of its photography in this medium, as well as select original works by Ronnie Turpin, accessed above under "Sublimations"