Lakota Winds are Blowing in Jackson

Alex Alvis continues her "Lakota Winds" series with the newest wind "Okaga: The South Wind" brother to the first in the series "Yata: The North Wind" Okaga has come just in time for summer in Jackson. In the Lakota legend, Okaga was the brother who won the “girl” in the story, making Yata, the North Wind very unhappy. That is one reason why these two winds make their homes as far away from one another as possible. This sculpture has a more golden warm patina and a happier look than that of his brother, who is the more serious of the two. A limited edition sculpture of only 62, Okaga is 19″ high, 15″ long from nose to tail and 8″ deep. His patina is Sunshine Gold.  
Whether you are an avid fan of Alex's work or a first time collector her horses are a striking addition to any collection.  With her modern patinas and whimsical presentation Alex's work always makes a statement.  

Zachariah Turpin
Zachariah Turpin


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