Happy Valentines Day

               Happy Valentines Day from Turpin Gallery!!  Here are a few pieces that will surely win over your Valentine's heart.



                          "Joyful" by Ronnie Turpin embodies the spirit of love.

                          Showcasing a tiny heart on the bears chest, this piece 

                            will remind you of your loved ones for years to come.



    "Step High!" by Alex Alvis is distinct modern take on the power of the horse

     and makes a great gift for the Valentine that isn't so traditional.  The lush

     sage green mixes with the vibrant crimson to create an unexpected

    Valentine's Day palette. 



"Kisses" by Karla Mann is a sweet reminder of love and the quiet moments

between two people, or in this case kits.  Karla's eye for detail draws us into 

this charming picture and makes us smile.  


All of these works are available for purchase either at the gallery or online.



Zachariah Turpin
Zachariah Turpin


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